Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here is what I dreamed of last night:

I am at the gym standing at the front desk. I am trying to sign up for a membership. A guy next me to has to pay 50 dollars a day to use the gym -- a double fee because he is paying out of pocket and not from his bank account. I ask the person at the front desk why it's so expensive -- she says that if you were to pay out of your bank account it would only be 20 dollars a month. I marvel at this huge difference. I then realize that a big black guy that was standing behind me is trying to steal my bag. I then, in mid-air, repeatedly kick his face and try to get my bag back. However, the kicks are not fazing him at all and he continues to maintain this evil looking grin. I wake up.


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  2. Lmao thats a random ass dream, I be having dreams like that. And that reminds me I have to hit the gym.

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